Otto M. + D. Leopard

Welcome to the website of Otto M. (and by association D. Leopard). Here you can find new work by Otto – visual essays, comics, and sequential art – as well as older visual art works and essays by Leopard in his role as video artist, filmmaker, and media teacher.

Please visit the menus above to see my past work and the projects that I’m currently developing. For the new work I’ll be posting sketches and cartoons that represent the directions these projects are going. I’m looking at this as an exploratory publishing platform. I may incorporate video at some time in the future, but for now I’m dedicating myself to the spatial and narrative possibilities of comics and graphics. I encourage feedback and please click the follow button in the sidebar so that you can receive updates in your email inbox as I post new material.

I plan to highlight and link to the work of other artists and writers that I’ve been inspired by or have found exceptional in some way. This is a holdover from my days teaching film, media, and comics at a small liberal arts school in the San Francisco Bay Area. These recommendations will appear in the blog/news section. Hopefully on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. If you have any suggestions for things that may inspire me, please post a comment.

Thanks for reading this page. I hope to see you back again soon.

Otto M./D. Leopard