Father Brown, Zen Warrior

I’ve been watching the recent British TV Crime series based on Chesterton’s Father Brown series starring Mark Williams. I’ve been binging on crime and detective fiction since the pandemic began (I had mental fog for a year or so and the logical structure of the genre helped focus my mind quite a bit). I tend towards noir fiction (I’ll post some of my French and Japanese favorites at some point), but the goofy theatricality and the vaguely surreal plots of many episodes of Father Brown are very appealing. As is the postmodern mashing of history and culture in 1950s Britain. Hang on as its a wild, amusing ride through postwar England with all of the well known stereotypes, a few new ones, and a pile of a pile of bodies in the small town churchy countryside. With so many murders, how can there even be anybody left in town?

Father Brown and Zen flies.
Father Brown and Zen flies.

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