How to Read a Virtual Human

This is a graphic piece I created for a presentation that my writing partner and I did at the Shoah Foundation at a conference focusing on digital humanities approaches to the Holocaust and Genocide Studies. This accompanied a slide show that we used during our talk and was intended as a reminder of the artifice of the simulation that was actually present in the room while we were talking. The Pinchas-DiT simulation, embodied on a full-size human screen, sat patiently off to the side as we discussed his database, his voice recognition system, and his 5-day interview in front a green screen for a motion capture camera rig.

We are publishing our essay on the Pinchas-DiT virtual human in the upcoming Lessons and Legacies of the Holocaust, volume XV, to be published by Northwestern University Press in 2024. More on that as the publication deadline approaches. It will include several pages of comics art as expanded scholarship within the text of the essay.

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