Otto M.

Comics and Stories


“Slapdash for no cash, those are the records I like.” – Art Brut v. Satan.

Ditto for comics and art.

Otto M.

Otto M. (The Auto Mechanic)

Otto M. was born in the Pacific Northwest, but has experienced life mostly as an inhabitant of California (both Northern and Southern) with a brief stint in the Midwest.

Otto was christened “The Auto Mechanic” by August Coppola (creator of the Tactile Dome, brother of Francis Ford) and Nicholas Cage (“Not the bees! Not the bees!”). This was many, many years ago – rest in peace, Professor Coppola. At first, this nickname devastated Otto, but over time he grew to accept that he was, modestly, a technician of images and texts. Now he spends his time drawing pictures and writing stories of people, places, and things – and ideas and events. All with the superb insight of one who fixes cars for a living (or so he imagines).

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