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Here are a few of the images from my sketchbook over the past few weeks. I’ve been working with brush pens and fountain pens – Lamy and Twsbii – mostly. Pen/Brush and Ink give an expressive quality that I really like. And I smudge pencil very badly. In fact, I had to take high school mechanical drawing over again in the summer session because I smudged my working drawings so badly. I learned quite a lot that summer, but I still was smudgy.

My version of Namor. I always found him cold and unapproachable as a kid. My least favorite comic hero. Even Aquaman was better (actually Ramona Fradon Aquaman was great, although Bill Everett Sub is pretty weird which is good).
I’ve been reading a lot of pulp fiction lately. Diabolical.
Random doodles. Weather machines and crazed faces.
An exercise from Ivan Brunetti’s Cartooning book.
I used it last semester in my Visual Communication course.
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