The Mummy (1932)

There are certain movies that haunt a viewer for a lifetime. These films most likely do not affect each viewer the same. In fact, it is certain that they do not. But some element, a particular scene or the overall mood, serves as a mind hook and the image returns again and again. It is… Continue reading The Mummy (1932)

On the Applied Unconscious

This is a visual essay/graphic narrative that I created back in 2017 for a presentation that I was giving with my colleague Noah Shenker at the Memory Studies conference in Copenhagen. It’s meant to sketch out an idea from the talk about database consciousness. At this point, I had grown tired of using powerpoint as… Continue reading On the Applied Unconscious

Father Brown, Zen Warrior

I’ve been watching the recent British TV Crime series based on Chesterton’s Father Brown series starring Mark Williams. I’ve been binging on crime and detective fiction since the pandemic began (I had mental fog for a year or so and the logical structure of the genre helped focus my mind quite a bit). I tend… Continue reading Father Brown, Zen Warrior