Teaching with the Screen (2013)

Drawing upon my doctoral research and 25 years of experience as a video and media teacher at colleges and high schools, Teaching with the Screen explores the ways in which education is transformed by the media. It looks at cinema, television, and the digital (AI and video games in particular) as these media come into contact with classroom teachers and students in a variety of educational settings. From the Blackboard Jungle to military simulations for DARPA. Includes a chapter on my own experience teaching television production to high school students in the San Francisco Bay Area and a handy guide to teaching with the media. Published by Routledge.

Introduction: Mr. Tamberlin, My Art Teacher

Blackboard Jungle: Teachers in the Movies

Trauber TV: Teaching Television in High School

Steve and the ICT: Military Simulations, Virtual Humans, and Videogames

How to Teach with the Teaching Screens: Sentences on Media Education

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